I’ve time

I’ve time,
Haven’t I?

I’ve time to do what’s right.

I’ve time,
Haven’t I?

I’ve got winning in my sight.

I’ve time,
I’ve time to sort things out,
Time to make amends,
Time to get things started,
Before my time comes to an end.

I’ve got time,
Surely I have,
Please tell me that its true,
I’ve lots of battles to rage through,
And lots of things to do.

Its not over yet,
This life I’ve fought to live,

Its not over yet,
I’ve lots more love to give.

I’ve time,
Haven’t I?

I’ve time before the end.


My Guardian Angel

Gasping for the air,
For the life that,
It provides.

Swimming to the surface,
To find that,
You’re not there.

Asking for a sign,
That shows that you,
Still watch over me.

Talking to your ghost,
For the love,
That sets me free.

Everybody has,
That one loved,
Guardian angel.

A long loss departed,
Loved one that,
Is Ethereal.

Calmer now I know,
You are sat beside me,

Looking over me,
And protecting me,
In every way.

Spare a moment

When you think of Father Christmas,
The happiness that he brings,
Do you think of all the women,
Stuck at the kitchen sink.

When you see the tinsel,
The twinkling tree,
Do you think of those in pain,
Struggling to be free.

When you taste the warm mulled wine,
The chocolates and sweets,
Do you think of all the people,
Sleeping on the streets.

Not to ruin your Christmas entirely,
I hope you enjoy yourself,
But if you can spare a moment,
Just think of someone else.

Don’t walk past the homeless,
Give a thought to the struggling mother,
Offer a helping hand,
It’s Christmas, time to love one and other.

Awkward love peom

Without words, how would I describe,
The way I feel about you.

How would I write you messages,
To say when I’m confused.

Without the act of writing,
I feel I could not convey,

The world that you have given me,
And the pain you took away.

You gave me a life of love,
Of pure delight and frills,

You showed me how to dance inside,
And kill off all my ills.

Without the words I have inside,
That I put down on paper,

The messages and texts I send,
There would be none to favour.

These words are just for you,
I’ve found them on this night,

To send a midnight message,
To my Mr Right.

The three words that mean the most,
Are I love you. X

The space inside

There’s a space inside,
I call my own,
Where no one else,
Can reach me.

It’s my sanctuary,
My resting place,
The place inside,
I like to be.

I don’t want,
To be disturbed,
To be with anyone,
In my peace.

I just want to be,
Left alone,
Where the World,
At large will cease.

In meditation,
I’ll take,
Deep breathes,
And close my eyes.

The space inside,
Where I can lose myself,
Where no one else,
Can hear my cries.


It’s a tough one,
Said the Fox,
I’m not sure if he can do it.

Just watch him, said the owl,
As he twoo’d,
After he twit.

The hare seems rather fast,
To lose,
To one so slow.

The badger added in,
Just look how fast he runs,
Just watch him go.

The woods had come alive,
With the race,
Between the two.

Everyone did gather,
To watch,
And see it through.

They watched,
In awe and wonder,
As the tortoise never gathered pace.

As the hare disappeared in slumber,
And how,
He lost the race.

The owl,
Wisely declared,
This will go down in fable.

As a story of determination,
For when you try,
Like the tortoise you’ll be able.

Let battle commence

Moody isn’t how,
I’d describe the way I feel,
Being bloody grumpy,
Whilst I’m feeling ill.

Going through the day,
I hold on to the thought,
That soon it will be over,
The battle that I fought.

Of a certain age,
Not knowing what comes next,
Hot flushes, crying, weight gain,
We’ve got the doctors vexed.

I’m try to be positive,
About my situation,
I know its only relative,
To my disposition.

I’m female I’ll get over it,
That’s what the doctors say,
It’s not a medical condition,
It’s just we’re build this way.

I’ll turn up on the battle field,
Wear the armour of my choice,
I’ll suffer not in silence,
I’m screaming, hear my voice.

I’m getting very grumpy,
The mood swings are killing me,
They tell me I could suffer,
For years before I’m free.

So onwards with my day,
Through the battle of raging hormones,
I’m on a mission to preserve,
What’s left of my skin and bones.