I know myself

I know myself,
I cannot lie,
I have my myself,
Til the day I die.

I am the one,
That can only be,
I am the one,
That can set me free.

There is a place,
Within my mind,
Where peace,
I will forever find.

I know myself,
For all my faults,
Deep within,
My every thought.

There is the one,
That will always be,
Forever free,
Forever me.


An elephant came by today

An elephant,
Came by today,
She unpacked her bag,
And decided to stay.

Squeezing through,
My door,
She had to sit,
On the floor.

No chair was there,
That could take her weight,
No bed for her,
So we stayed awake.

We talked of,
Many things,
Of fairy Dells
And silver rings.

She thanked me,
She was glad she came,
I said she was welcome,
She could stay again.

An elephant,
Came by yesterday,
This morning she packed,
And went on her way.

We the few

When we the few,
Have had our lot,
When life is full,
And we’ve lost the plot.

When overwhelmed,
With troubles bound,
With worldly burdens,
And downward ground.

When nothings left,
Or so it seems,
Of energy,
Or ending means.

Its funny how,
We carry on,
We struggle by,
Til troubles gone.

When we the few,
Become the many,
All have our problems,
Two for a penny.

For no ones free,
Of bits and bobs,
Of awkward tasks,
And impossible jobs.

Problems are sent,
To try our patients,
Of others torments,
Or lamentations.

Its then we find,
Our strength inside,
For strength alone,
Will be our guide.

Strength of faith,
Of prayer or spell,
Whichever one,
That serves us well.

When we the few,
Become the many,
With troubles deep,
And woes aplenty.

We face the world,
With strength to spare,
For others are always,
There to care

Monday, Tuesday Meh

Monday is to begin,
Afresh, anew, alive,
The first day of the week,
A day to organise.
Tuesday is a Meh day,
I always find it hard,
A day of nothing, an awkward day,
A day I look at in two halves.
The morning is for doing,
The afternoon is not,
I really don’t like Tuesday,
It’s usually time best forgot.
Wednesday is a buzz,
Half way through the week,
Yoga in the morning,
Then work towards,
The goal I seek,
By Thursday I’m ambivalent,
Not sure which way to go,
It’s a day off to do housework,
No wonder it goes so slow.
By Friday I’m in tatters,
Have I done the things I had to do?
I could give up, I could give in,
Or I could push on through.
I don’t count the weekends,
The husbands home those days.
Every plan goes out the window,
And life flies by in such a haze.
Monday comes and goes again.
The end of another week is nigh,
I can only say I haven’t missed,
The time as it sped by.
I need some new incentive,
Something to get me up and out.
So if you have nothing to do,
Go on give me a shout.
Not sure where I will fit you in,
In this busy life of mine.
Not sure if I can spare,
Some of my precious time

My nightmares

It’s a weakness I don’t subscribe to,
I try not to let them win,
The emotions of the past align,
I try not to let them in.
I have demons in the attic,
Skeletons from the grave,
I fight them in my sleep,
I will never be their slave.
You can watch the tide of panic,
Flow through me as I slumber,
The nightmares of my childhood,
Never submit nor let them encumber.
I will wake as dawn is breaking,
To a brand new day,
The nightmares haunting me at night,
Will never get in my way.

Right here and now

What if the gap between,
The one that’s never seen,
Is where we ought to be,
The place for you and me.

Its not the place we’re looking for,
Nor the one we left behind,
It is the one we’re searching for,
The one we have to find.

Be aware of the blessed space,
That lays ‘twix here and there,
For in that space there is new hope,
I know I’ll find you there.

Look around with eyes wide open,
For where you are right here and now,
Maybe the place of which I’ve spoken.

Which Craft?

I’ve decided a bit of Which Craft,
Is just the thing I need,
A woman’s touch, a bit of luck,
Is the right way to succeed.

Which way does it go,
Is the first thing that I ask,
Is it going on that way,
Or a faithless task.

Which one is the right one,
Which one fits in there,
Is this the one that I seek,
I ask as I begin to stare.

Which nob turns in which direction,
Which nob starts this thing,
Which dial is the one for up,
And which one, makes its ding.

Which confangled object,
Needs to be put in that,
Which contraption is the one,
Why does that look like a cat?

I am a woman, I am sensible,
I know I need instructions,
Before I get this thing to work,
And get it under construction.

I’m going to be a Which today,
And ask, which is the right way to do it,
I know I’ll get it done in the end,
Just have to read the plans and I’ll get through it.