Nanny Deedee babysits.

I’m out of my depth,
I’m drowning in pain,
Never known nothing like it,
Don’t want to again.

Like taking the kids,
Out on a play day,
Was I suppose to,
Play that way.

I tried the swings,
A little big snug,
Then this big hairy bear,
Came give me a hug.

The slide was short lived,
I didn’t mean to break it,
It wasn’t my weight,
I thought the thing could take it.

They laughed all day long,
We had so much fun,
It ended so soon,
Almost as it begun.

My daughter wasn’t,
So overly keen,
She said I’d ruined the kids,
They weren’t clean.

I’d taught them to stand,
On their heads and to sing,
And how to fight demons,
And dragons and things.

The garden in ruins,
The house in disarray,
It was the dinosaur hunt,
That left it that way.

I was scolded like a child,
Told off and chastised,
As if I should have,
Been adult and wise.

As this morning breaks,
I feel all the pain,
Need a while until,
I babysit again.


To my fellow bloggers

Can I take a moment of your time,
It’s late, but I know you’re there,
I want to get to know you,
Before you start your way upstairs.

I like to write my poetry,
As the night turns in to dawn,
I’ll just take a moment of your time,
It’s late, I can feel you yawn.

Tired now, as sleep approaches,
One more verse and I’ll be gone,
I’d like to wish you all good night,
In a moment I’ll be done.

I’d like to get to know you,
But I’m fighting to stay awake,
And so I’ll say goodnight,
Reading your blogs will have to wait.

Soul purpose

I’ve been to my soul and back again,
I’ve seen what’s deep within,
I’ve seen the love I feel each day,
And where my sins begin.

I’ve been deep inside my head,
Through the corridors of foreboding,
I’ve listened to the angry voice,
And the arguments its loading.

I’ve been in the aftermath,
Of my worries and my cares,
I’ve been there and back again,
To the depths of my despair.

I’ve crawled my way out of my mind,
Of the misery and the unknown grief,
I’ve made minced meat of the ghosts,
And stuck to my beliefs.

I can survive the trauma,
The pain my mind creates,
I’ve been to my soul and back again,
I’ve known love and I’ve known hate.

Dee’s brain dump

Pulling out the rubble,
Throwing it away,
Dumping all the bad stuff,
Before I start the day.

It’s time to open my eyes,
Stretch and feel the chill,
Dashing for the toilet,
I bet you know the drill.

Scribbling down on paper,
Going through my head,
Thinking over everything,
Before I leave my bed.

The washing up from last night,
I know I should have done,
Going for the breakfast bowl,
Finding the only clean one.

Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee,
Now I’m waking up,
Shower, dress, and then the dogs,
Then another cup.

The boilers fixed,
The car is too,
Now just the housework,
Left to do.

Dumping down on paper,
The thoughts inside my head,
The way I’ve learnt to manage,
Before I leave my bed.


Dream of Monsters

Take the moment,
Store in your head,
Shut down the day,
And go to bed.

Dream in fragments,
Create a way,
To take you through,
To the next day.

Make a memory,
It’s yours to keep,
Think of it,
Whilst you’re asleep.

Dream of friends,
Hero’s and lovers,
Of places been,
And to be discovered.

Hold tight upon,
The rollercoaster,
Don’t be disturbed,
By the broken toaster.

The monster dies,
As you awake to day,
Some dreams remember,
Some just melt away.

Daybreak inspiration

Open up the shutters,
Let the sunlight in,
Release the demon apathy,
Let your life begin.

The mind will seem,
Much clearer now,
With the warmth,
And feeling of know how.

The day break brings,
Its awesome power,
Lights up the mind,
This waking hour.

Bright dawn I see you,
You warm my inspiration,
Bringing to me new ideas,
To you my salutation.

My mind is of the room,
With window open wide,
I ask the sun to bring me light,
And shine its love inside.

The day break brings,
It’s world so bright,
For me to live,
In full sunlight.

Fit, Fantastic, and Fiftyish.

I’m over forty,
It must be said,
But still feel twenty,
Inside my head,

Fit, fantastic,
Fat and fiftyish,
I’m no long considered,
A tasty dish.

I’m elegant in,
My older years,
No fashion worries,
No more tears.

I’m used to buying,
A bigger size,
I choose clothes wisely,
To fool the eyes.

Fit, fantastic,
Fiftyish and flirty,
My body’s older,
My mind says thirty.

I’m still in jeans,
T-shirts that rock,
I can wear a dress,
And quirky socks.

Fiftyish and,
Feel fine,
No one can stop me,
Not even time.