Beauty at a price

There is a world of difference,
Between me and young pretty things,
I pay a lot of money,
For youth and what it brings.

I don’t agree with wrinkles,
They are my travel warriors,
Through the thick and thin,
And life’s long corridors.

The dark cycles under my eyes,
Are the covers of my pain,
They mask the fallen tears,
I’ll never shed again.

I don’t have saggy bits,
I have loose coveralls,
I wouldn’t be this size,
If I was over tall.

I am a young older woman,
I use concoctions by the pay load,
To keep myself this beautiful,
And on the youthful road.

Its all organic stuff,
The herbs on the label say so,
I’ll spread my body liberally,
With cranberry and berry Jobo.

I pay a lot of money,
For youth and what it brings,
But I don’t pay a penny,
For the love that family brings.

For friendship that I am offered,
For the care that’s shown to me,
I don’t pay a penny,
For friends and family are always free.



I’ve never felt as flippant,
As when he comes to call,
He looks at me so quizzical,
As he stands there in the hall.

I tease him with my words,
I know he no longer hears,
I get down on my knees,
To tickle behind his ears.

There is a funny side,
To a dog that has dementia,
He was once a dog of action,
Of mischief and adventure.

His tail he still keeps wagging,
Although his bark now is low,
I have to wait for him to catch up,
When we walk, he is so slow.

The stinky farts, the smelly breath,
All add to his persona,
I’m glad I got a chance to be his friend,
And not just his legal owner.

He is my ancient hero,
My cuddly rough old man,
My deaf demented puppy,
I know you understand,

So when I say I love him,
This dog that is a has been,
You’ll know just how I feel,
If you ever meet my Bryn.

The animals

The crocodile does smile,
A fixed and awkward grin,
He walks around the water,
Just waiting to get in.

The monkey chatters wildly,
Not caring what he says,
He never bothers listening,
And wiles away his days.

The elephant is careful,
As everybody knows,
He watches where he steps,
Everywhere he goes.

The human is intelligent,
Or so they’d have you think,
But everywhere he touches,
He leave destruction and a stink.

Open up a World of Wonder

The importance of being Ernest,
As everyone agrees,
Is part of being civilised,
It’s essential to a degree.

There comes a time in the whirl of things,
That makes you want to shout,
You just want to flip your lid,
And get the rubbish out.

Sod the weekly washing,
You’ve got clean pairs of draws,
Forget the bloody dishes,
You’ve never been like her next door.

Go out and be hurricane,
A rithing breath of air,
And when you say, oh sod it,
Don’t even try to give a care.

There is a time for diligence,
For acting all auspicious,
A time for being purpuseful,
Industrious and ambitious.

I say there is a moment.
In everybodies state of mind,
When they need to let the child within,
Not get left behind.

He needs to be allowed,
To come out and have some fun,
Then he will go back happily,
When the days milarkies done.

So use today to open,
Up a world of wonder,
Don’t let the work you have to do,
Get hold and drag you under.

The balance of the elements.

They still the thoughts within my soul,
The waves of awesome power,
The mighty strength of ocean blue,
Calm my waking hours.
The gentle hush of breaking tides,
The rustle of the sand,
The wind that whispers in my ear,
I’m here, I understand.
From strength there comes a kindness,
In everything we know,
The avalanche was once upon a time,
Gently falling snow.
And so it is with man and beast,
Their strength of soul and mind,
Can often lead to lovers true,
With love and hearts so kind.
The balance of the elements,
In everything we see,
Is deep within our souls,
All you have to do is seek.

Texted love

I’m about to post a message,
To the one that makes my day,
It’s such a simple message,
Just really want to say.

How much I really love him,
For how much he cares,
Even though he’s only sitting,
Peacefully downstairs.

I could make the extra effort,
Go down and show him instead,
But I want the World to know,
Before I go ahead.

Before I send the message,
With tender loving care,
And type, you know I love you,
I’m sure you are aware.

I like to say “I love you”,
In person or in a text,
I would tell you of his answer,
But not what I know comes next.

Accept my lot

Knees please,
And a new back,
Twisty wrists,
Are what I lack.

Instant hearing,
No need to say What,
Clearer vision,
I want the lot.

Tighter abs,
No wobbly bits,
No fighting with,
Me wayward tits.

Can have,
Long flowing hair,
‘Ang on a minute,
I’m almost there.

Take away,
My underarm slings,
Add power buttocks,
See what that brings.

Oh I give in,
I’ll just accept my lot,
And work around,
Just what I’ve got.

A winning smile,
An awkward giggle,
Lots of sass,
And an awesome wiggle.