A New Day

I’ve a got a brand new chance,
To start this life again.
I can pick up all the pieces,
And if I had a pen,
One that rewrote history,
Could show you how’s it done,
I could start my life again,
Before had begun,
To fall apart in bits,
In chaos and in doubt,
I could begin to be successful,
Work all this trouble out.
I’ve been given that new chance,
And I’ve been shown the way,
Cause life has given me the gift,
Of a brand new day.

As an adult learner

Pay attention, said the teacher,
Oh I wish I’d listened at school,
You need to learn your lessons,
But I always acted the fool.

Be punctual and be polite,
Be smart and be prepared,
Late and ill equipped,
I was the one that never cared.

I’d play joker, mess around,
I was the classroom clown,
Always there to cheer things up,
I’d never let’em down.

Around came the exams,
I took them in my stride,
From the dreaded scores I got,
I really couldn’t hide.

I’m older now, and I’ve moved on,
Finally got an education,
Should have listened to what they said,
Had more dedication.

As an adult learner,
I’m really having fun,
I take my pen and notebook,
And study in the Sun.

But really should have listened,
To what my teachers had to say,
I could be studying anything,
Instead of Maths again today.

A prisoner in an open cell

A prisoner in an open cell,

Is what it’s like for me,

I cherish the confinement,

For I would safer be.

The door unlocked,

Flung open wide,

No longer from the World,

Can I cower and hide.

But here I stay, afraid to leave,

The chains no longer holding me,

I could just walk away,

But in my cell I think I’ll stay.

What promise is there of freedom,

In this state of modern slavery,

I’ll stay here in my prison,

In perfect apathy.


In Memory of Sherry Luxon.

With all that can befall you,
You never have a doubt,
That on your way down under,
All you have to do is shout.

There will always be that someone,
That will catch you on the way,
“I need a little help,”
Is all you have to say.

“My washing machine is knackered,”
“The car has gone belly up,”
“Have you got some sugar,
To put into my cup?”

A friend to help you through,
The hiccups and the mayhem,
They’re always there to help you,
You never have to pay’em.

Thank them for their time,
Their friendship and understanding,
Thank them for their kindness,
And for all the help they bring.

That’s better

If you can’t think write,
Get things out of your soul,
Put it all down,
The rubbish the pros,
Doesn’t matter how bad,
Or how the plot goes,
Don’t think,
All the crap in your head,
Then throw it away,
When all has been said.
That’s better,
It’s getting things
Out from within,
Now writing again,
My poems begin.

Morning life check

I know I’m alive,
I ache and I twinge,
I can hear and I know,
I can see.

I can feel,
That’s for sure,
Caught my arm on the door,
And talking just isn’t a problem.

I can smell the coffee,
Moan liberally,
And my husband,
Says everything works.

I know I’m alive,
I’s awake as I stive,
To find logic,
In all of my kwerks.

Life’s Garden

Life is like a garden,
It grows in different ways,
The roots of each individual,
Are never quite the same.
The shy, the fast,
The slow but steady,
Will bloom in time,
When they are ready.
The soil, the Sun,
The rain and air,
In this garden,
They have to share.