Dream of Monsters

Take the moment,
Store in your head,
Shut down the day,
And go to bed.

Dream in fragments,
Create a way,
To take you through,
To the next day.

Make a memory,
It’s yours to keep,
Think of it,
Whilst you’re asleep.

Dream of friends,
Hero’s and lovers,
Of places been,
And to be discovered.

Hold tight upon,
The rollercoaster,
Don’t be disturbed,
By the broken toaster.

The monster dies,
As you awake to day,
Some dreams remember,
Some just melt away.


Daybreak inspiration

Open up the shutters,
Let the sunlight in,
Release the demon apathy,
Let your life begin.

The mind will seem,
Much clearer now,
With the warmth,
And feeling of know how.

The day break brings,
Its awesome power,
Lights up the mind,
This waking hour.

Bright dawn I see you,
You warm my inspiration,
Bringing to me new ideas,
To you my salutation.

My mind is of the room,
With window open wide,
I ask the sun to bring me light,
And shine its love inside.

The day break brings,
It’s world so bright,
For me to live,
In full sunlight.

Fit, Fantastic, and Fiftyish.

I’m over forty,
It must be said,
But still feel twenty,
Inside my head,

Fit, fantastic,
Fat and fiftyish,
I’m no long considered,
A tasty dish.

I’m elegant in,
My older years,
No fashion worries,
No more tears.

I’m used to buying,
A bigger size,
I choose clothes wisely,
To fool the eyes.

Fit, fantastic,
Fiftyish and flirty,
My body’s older,
My mind says thirty.

I’m still in jeans,
T-shirts that rock,
I can wear a dress,
And quirky socks.

Fiftyish and,
Feel fine,
No one can stop me,
Not even time.

Inner peace

Extend your limitations,
Don’t give in to your desire,
For what you needs not always,
Something you can acquire.
A yearning for an inner peace,
Cannot be solved with acquisition,
Nor can a new pullover,
Strengthen your position.
Think twice before you purchase,
It may be a sign that somethings wrong,
You don’t need a new fangled gadget,
Nor a beach ready purple sarong.
It may be that you’re looking,
For a way to satisfy,
An inner yearning of the soul,
An answer to the question why.
So don’t be tempted by the sales,
Look deeper in your mind,
Spend some time not money,
You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Mother Angel

Blind faith is all,
I have in sight,
You lead the way,
It is my plight.

I have no notion,
Of what’s in store,
In front of me,
Nor behind the door.

I trust you are,
My guiding angel,
My helping hand,
To do what I am able.

To lead me through,
This maze of wonder,
Through life’s troubles,
Up, through and under.

Blind faith is all,
I have in sight.
I know you watch me,
Through the night.

My mother dear,
Although you sleep,
Death has not taken,
The promise you keep.

To be beside me,
And watch from above,
Though from me blinded,
I still feel your love.

Death the final destination

The gap between the here and now,
And the happily ever after,
Is full of trials, and tribulations,
And also some disaster.

There is a road we march upon,
It takes us through the wilderness,
Until we find our Worldly place,
Of worth and happiness.

We will travail, the lonesome road,
Our perfect destination,
Is there for us, if we prevail,
And meet our expectations.

Until the time, it is upon us,
We strive to do our best,
Through lifes storm we battle on,
For there is no time to rest.

A goal fullfilled is not the end,
It’s not the time to settle,
We have a world of roads to travel,
Until we meet our final Devil.


Idleness is underrated,
It should be taught in every school,
It should be made compulsory,
And govern every rule.

“I want to be an actress,
In Hamlet, play the Queen.”
Can you sit and contemplate,
And focus on your dream?

Can you while away the day,
Just thinking of nothing more,
Than getting where you want to be,
To open up the relevant door?

For within the time to idle,
And sit and dream away your day,
You’ll find the path you’re after,
The one to leads the way.

So whilst you are being nagged at,
To get up off your ‘arris,
You could be planning a mega night,
Away for two in Paris.

Dream of being Gertrude,
The queen in all her drama,
Time spent in idle contemplation,
Is time spent planning your happily ever after.