The balance of the elements.

They still the thoughts within my soul,
The waves of awesome power,
The mighty strength of ocean blue,
Calm my waking hours.
The gentle hush of breaking tides,
The rustle of the sand,
The wind that whispers in my ear,
I’m here, I understand.
From strength there comes a kindness,
In everything we know,
The avalanche was once upon a time,
Gently falling snow.
And so it is with man and beast,
Their strength of soul and mind,
Can often lead to lovers true,
With love and hearts so kind.
The balance of the elements,
In everything we see,
Is deep within our souls,
All you have to do is seek.


Texted love

I’m about to post a message,
To the one that makes my day,
It’s such a simple message,
Just really want to say.

How much I really love him,
For how much he cares,
Even though he’s only sitting,
Peacefully downstairs.

I could make the extra effort,
Go down and show him instead,
But I want the World to know,
Before I go ahead.

Before I send the message,
With tender loving care,
And type, you know I love you,
I’m sure you are aware.

I like to say “I love you”,
In person or in a text,
I would tell you of his answer,
But not what I know comes next.

Accept my lot

Knees please,
And a new back,
Twisty wrists,
Are what I lack.

Instant hearing,
No need to say What,
Clearer vision,
I want the lot.

Tighter abs,
No wobbly bits,
No fighting with,
Me wayward tits.

Can have,
Long flowing hair,
‘Ang on a minute,
I’m almost there.

Take away,
My underarm slings,
Add power buttocks,
See what that brings.

Oh I give in,
I’ll just accept my lot,
And work around,
Just what I’ve got.

A winning smile,
An awkward giggle,
Lots of sass,
And an awesome wiggle.

There’s gonna be a storm today

There’s gonna be a storm today,
I know I feel it’s curse,
I’m ready for the raging winds,
And the waterworks to burst.

The awful itching in my scalp,
The headiness that bears down,
There’s gonna be a storm today,
I hope that I don’t drown.

Under the weight of awful clouds,
That follow my every move,
That haunt my waking hours,
And play havoc with my mood.

There’s gonna be a storm,
It will rage inside of me,
But no one else will suffer,
I’ll contain it, just you see.

The sun will shine around me,
Whilst inside the thunder rolls,
And every lighting strike,
Will likely take its toll.

There’s gonna be storm,
But it will soon be gone,
Then life will start again,
And I’ll be moving on.


This misty morning has found me with a dilemma I cannot fathom,
It’s left me blank and open minded,
With things that I have not had time to digest.
I have left behind the summer,
The holidays and the child that sleeps within me.

Now as the Autumn of my years comes to me on this day,
I realise the opportunities that have opened up to me.
Not over is the warmth of the summers sun,
Not closed to me all the amusements that offer up the fun.

A new world has been formed over night as I slept,
A world that needs igniting, like the hearth of an open fire.
Do not dismiss the Autumn, nor the later years of life,
It’s just another opportunity to explore another place in time.


It’s Monday

It’s lazy Monday syndrome,
I’ve got all week to do,
I need a little shove,
I need a reason to get through.

Remove the famous apathy,
The tandem thoughts of resent and resign,
Time to get my arse in gear,
To be productive and divine.

It’s lazy Monday syndrome,
I’ll just lay here and rest my head,
Once again it wins my soul,
This comfortable lazy bed.

Memories lie

My memories have such power,
Over the choices that I make,
They tell me when I’m wrong,
How to avoid another mistake.

They mess around inside my head,
Fill me with such false witness,
Lies and exaggerations,
They make me feel so witless.

I’ll not fall down to obscurity,
Be swallowed with self doubt,
My memories are from the past,
I need to weed them out.

I’ll not fail if I choose to live,
My life in the here and now,
I can make new memories,
Ones that show me how.

My memories are powerful,
I’ll build ones of positivity,
My future will be easier,
The way I know its meant to be.