Closed doors and burnt bridges

Closing doors behind you,
New worlds to explore,
Leaving the old in situ,
Not to be ignored.

The past is a reminder,
Lessons truly learned,
Never be dismissive,
Of memories you’ve earned.

Cross the bridge with caution,
Burn it down, once it is used,
Never leave the crossing,
There to be abused.

Choose the path you travel,
Wisely and with care,
Even at your destination,
Never think you’re there.

The door to your new future,
Closed but never locked,
You can open it in times of need,
No memories to block.

A bridge is a path well taken,
Raging waters that never calm,
Take down the bridge and leave behind,
Those things that did you harm.

For on this journey of obstacles,
The path is there to question,
And everywhere that you shall go,
Take care and use discretion.


The day after the night before

I walk the walk,
Of a thousand dead,
Feeling nothing,
As I leave my bed.

Outside my window,
Is dark and dismal,
I think I’ll stay,
And hug my pillow.

My soul is light,
And ready to lead,
My body unwilling,
To do the deed.

As I walk the walk,
Of a thousand dead,
It takes me back,
Straight back to bed.

Valentine of course

I’ll stay at home,
This time of year,
Fawning couples,
Singles in tears.

The restaurant’s,
Decked out in hearts,
For beautiful people,
And us old farts.

Popped in we did,
For a tasty morsel,
The d├ęcor gaudy,
The music awful,

Couples pretending,
They are in love,
Looking for cupid,
From up above.

I’ll stay at home,
Next Valentine,
Don’t need a day,
To say “you’re mine”

Just another day,
On life’s love journey,
You are the one,
That I want with me.

Love of course

It’s definitely an obstacle,
A preposterous atrocity,
An absolute abomination,
This feeling they call love.

It’s an interfering pain,
A melancholy delight,
A mind altering administration,
It really must be love,

Heart wrenching,
Stopping, if not breaking,
Controlling our emotions,
It has to be said, it’s love.

Reciprocated feelings,
Help to ease the alterations,
The calming of the heart,
When someone’s in love with you.

Leaving home

Close to where,
I once called home,
Fields and woods,
I could always roam,

Long windy roads,
That led somewhere,
Out from the village,
I didn’t care.

Longing to travel,
I packed my case,
Got on my way,
My dreams to chase.

I left behind,
My friends and foes,
Sure in my mind,
It was time to go.

Made my way,
For many years,
Through laughter, love,
And sometimes tears.

Sometimes I visit,
The place that I called home,
But this wayward spirit,
Was meant to roam.

Long windy roads,
Leaving behind,
Along the highways,
Something to find.

A home that I,
Could call my place,
No more to travel,
No more to chase.

Can we afford the intimacy

Can we afford the intimacy,
That time affords,
That propriety has thrown,
Into the wind.
The time spent wandering,
Within ourselves,
Within the temple,
Of self acknowledgement.

Can we afford to be reserved,
To be open or unsure,
To look within,
Discard the outside world,
It’s wonder and it’s passion.

Take care the intimacy,
Of self care,
That it does not become,
A selfish pursuit of will,
And pride,
Of worldly goods,
Disregarding others,
From our thoughts.

The time afforded,
Is worth,
Self acknowledgement,
Tempered with respect,
Care and passion,
For the world.
For the reflection,
And love of others.

Jibber jabber

Sometimes you have words,
All jumbled up inside your head.
Words with meaning,
Words of wonder,
Words of nonsensical,
Jibber jabber.

Sentences that,
Don’t make sense,
That are nonsense.

Sometimes you have words,
You want to,
Put down in print.
But something,
Holds you back,
Holds them in.

Don’t be afraid,
To write them out,
Impress yourself,
For no one else,
Can organise,
The words,
In such a way.
For words are more,
Than what,
Other people,
Want to say.