Watch the story unfold

Around the World,
In eighty days,
From London,
And then back again.

There is a centre,
Of the Earth,
The Vernians,
Do claim.

The Lost World,
Of the dinosaurs,
No place I’d rather,
Never be.

The stories of,
Our childhood,
Our long lost

Replaced with,
Star Trek,
The Wars,
Of Outer space.

The Aliens,
The Conflicts of,
Other races,
Of people out of place.

Romances roam,
Across our screens,
Interlaced with,

The parodies,
The awesome quirks,
The series,
That set us free.

As we watch,
Or read the lines,
Of the stories,
As they unfurl.

I’m reminded of,
The books I read,
When I was,
A little girl.

For I’ve been,
Around the World,
And deep within,
It’s core.

I’ve been up,
In outer space,
Where man,
Has never been before.

Is enjoyed,
By everyone,
Young or old.

Sit back, Relax,
Take time to read,
Watch the story,
As it unfolds.


Thank you

I’d like to say a thank you,
To the people that have cared,
To those that show compassion,
Although they can’t be there.

To those that ask, “how are you?”
Who listen to my woes,
Who take the time to comfort me,
To keep me on my toes.

To the funny guy that calls me,
And promises to kick my butt,
If I don’t keep going,
He never will give up.

The girls that send me messages,
To make me smile and giggle,
The jokes, the quotes, the kittens,
The gifs that shake and wriggle.

I’d like to say a thank you,
To each and every one of you,
The annoying and the poking,
Definitely keeps me going.


With clearing,
Comes a sense of relief,
If only,
It is but brief.
The clearing of the mind,
Through thought,
Of our homes,
Just as we’re taught.
Clearing of the air,
Of grief,
Of the differences,
The turning leaf.
The day is long,
At this mid-year,
It can be a start,
Of when you clear.
So celebrate,
The extra time,
Go out have fun,
The weathers fine.
Clear out the pain,
The thoughts of sorrow,
There’s always time,
For that tomorrow.

The future

It’s out there,
It’s waiting just for you,
It’s waiting until you reach it,
Something you’ll never do.

It’s watching,
Whilst you work your way,
Through your plans,
Each and every day.

It’s a figment,
Of your imagination,
It’s there for you to dream,
Of your machinations.

Was here then gone,
Today you get up,
You carry on.

It’s waiting,
Never to be found,
It’s waiting,
But it never comes around.

The future.

For the thinker

When your thinking brain,
Has gone away,
Its wandered off,
Its gone astray.

When the brain cells,
You knew you had,
Have switched to neutral,
Have drove you mad.

When thoughts are off,
To Gargar Land,
To somewhere different,
Nowhere planned.

It’s time to take,
Stock of the facilities,
The different anomalies,
The brains realities.

Break it down,
Shake up the nodes,
The engines power house,
The brains awesome codes.

Wake up the guardian
Of all your knowledge,
Give it a poke,
Some spit and polish.

When the brain,
Has wandered free,
Into a dream,
Where it would rather be.

Do something different,
Try Creative art,
Or something to,
Stimulate the heart.

The brain is curious,
It will want to interact,
To be involved,
To know the facts.

When your thinking brain,
Has gone away,
Give it fun,
Go out and play.

A thought for food

Food and drink
On any scale
Bananas and berries
Cabbage and kale.
Tasty morsels
For me to eat
Veggies and beans
Candies and meats.
Lots of things
To fill my belly
Whilst eating out
Or watching telly.
The finer things
The fruits and treats
That nature brings.
How lucky are we
To have such pleasure
To eat and drink
At all our leisure.
Cannot describe
How I feel
Deep down inside.
Today I spare a thought
For those who go without
Who have no food
In famine and drought.
I am a product
Of my culture
Bought up
Devouring like a vulture.
Think before you
Buy the bargain
Is it needed
What will you gain
Extra pounds
To hug the body
Lots of yummies
Like jars of honey.
Food and drink
That’s on my list
Chocolates and sweets
I’ll give a miss.

Empty life

No hospitals,
No doctors,
No vets,
No trips to the zoo,
My next weeks calendar,
Is empty,
There is absolutely,
Nothing for me to do.

No one turning up,
No builders,
No deliveries,
My week,
Next week,
Is empty,
It’s positively,

No scheduled,
No staggering,
My time,
Every minute,
Will be empty,
Every hours,
Will be mine.

To paint,
To read,
To smooch around,
To be all by myself,
The house will be,
So empty,
I’ll be left,
Upon the shelf.

Waiting for,
A message,
Someone to,
Call and say,
I’m on my way to yours,
My life is empty,
Lets do something,
Just today.

So if you have,
Some time to spare,
Come over,
To my place,
Don’t worry,
It will be empty,
Come see me,
Show your face.

No hospitals,
No vets,
No garages,
To fix the car,
If I’m out,
And the house is empty,
Don’t worry,
I’ll not go far.