With clearing,
Comes a sense of relief,
If only,
It is but brief.
The clearing of the mind,
Through thought,
Of our homes,
Just as we’re taught.
Clearing of the air,
Of grief,
Of the differences,
The turning leaf.
The day is long,
At this mid-year,
It can be a start,
Of when you clear.
So celebrate,
The extra time,
Go out have fun,
The weathers fine.
Clear out the pain,
The thoughts of sorrow,
There’s always time,
For that tomorrow.


Empty life

No hospitals,
No doctors,
No vets,
No trips to the zoo,
My next weeks calendar,
Is empty,
There is absolutely,
Nothing for me to do.

No one turning up,
No builders,
No deliveries,
My week,
Next week,
Is empty,
It’s positively,

No scheduled,
No staggering,
My time,
Every minute,
Will be empty,
Every hours,
Will be mine.

To paint,
To read,
To smooch around,
To be all by myself,
The house will be,
So empty,
I’ll be left,
Upon the shelf.

Waiting for,
A message,
Someone to,
Call and say,
I’m on my way to yours,
My life is empty,
Lets do something,
Just today.

So if you have,
Some time to spare,
Come over,
To my place,
Don’t worry,
It will be empty,
Come see me,
Show your face.

No hospitals,
No vets,
No garages,
To fix the car,
If I’m out,
And the house is empty,
Don’t worry,
I’ll not go far.

Where everyone is welcome

When writing in the morning,
I have time to put the World to rights,
I can conjure up an Avatar,
And stop all the petty fights.

I can find the time to harness,
Peace for all mankind,
I’d write about Utopia,
And the people there I’d find.

The scientists, philosophers,
Mathematicians and the Artists,
The Buddhists and the Christians,
A never-ending list.

Everyone is welcome,
From non-believers to the devout,
I’m sure we’d get along,
For me there is no doubt.

It’s peaceful in the morning,
Before the World awakes,
Before the men of this World,
Decide what they can break.

I wish it could be morning,
For ever, and all the days,
For in this new Utopia,
We would respect each other’s ways.

I know I am a dreamer,
Of a paradise worth building,
A place of peace and tolerance,
Of loving the World we live in.

Can you hear me?

Can you answer me,
Can you just let me know,
Can you tell me that you’re listening?
Tell me why you had to go.

I understand the chemistry,
The biology and the facts,
The body was too weak,
Your heart not strong enough to act.

The mangled case that held your Soul,
Too much that was asunder,
They had to try and build you back,
But you left us whilst you were under.

The doctor came, he did his best,
To console us in our grief.
His life it was so busy,
He had to be so brief.

Can you answer me,
They say that you live on,
In my memory,
Now that you are gone.

I hear a heartbeat within me,
Not one but the echo sounds as two,
In my emptiness,
Within me I’ve found you.

For I believe we are a Soul,
The body just a shell,
The essence of our being,
Living within a cell.

Can you hear me,
Now that you are free,
I know that you are here,
When I’m listening you visit me.

A poem for Mark McEvoy, gone but never forgotten.

Taking care of chaos

Taking care of chaos,
Wringing it by the neck,
Tossing it in Epsom salts,
And saying “What the heck.”

Swallow it twice daily,
Gargle and split it out,
Winning the daily battle,
Tomorrow another bout.

Grabbing it by the expletives,
Trying to make sense,
Although you know you’re winning,
You hit another fence.

Taking care of business,
The chaos, all part of living,
Making things seem calm with care,
The taking and the giving.

The chaos when it’s over,
Nothing more than muddled order,
Ready to be organised,
Into a file or folder.

I’ve taken care of chaos,
I’ve really done my best,
Tomorrow is another day,
For now, I’ll take a rest.

Chocolates in bed

Just One, she cried,
To her dismay,
One chocolate,
Was passed her way.

I’m thinking of,
Your hourglass figure,
We wouldn’t want you,
To get much bigger.

Not knowing,
What to say,
She thought about it,
The very next day.

So, as she dished,
The spuds for dinner,
One for his plate,
The need to be thinner.

Just one, he asked,
What is the matter,
Reply she did,
You’ll not get fatter.

He smiled and with,
An awkward grin,
Do you think,
We’ll both fit in.

To what she frowned,
And shook her head,
Why to the bedroom,
And then to bed.

It was a cheeky,
Answer for sure,
But who do you think,
Was first to the door.

That night they ate,
Chocolates together,
Size doesn’t matter,
When your loves forever.

One step at a time

Best foot forward,
Place down with care,
Sometimes it feels,
As though you walk on air.

One step at a time,
Look straight ahead,
It’s the only way,
Or so it’s said.

Head in the clouds,
Heals firmly placed,
Not knowing which,
Nor why we chase,

The rainbows,
And the pie in the sky,
We dream the dreams,
But know not why.

One foot forward,
And on we go,
Moving quickly,
Or moving slow.

Don’t stand still,
Don’t stop and stare,
Keep moving through life,
We are almost there.