The weekend

The weekend comes,
But once a week,
It brings the ending,
That we seek.

The finish of,
The seven days,
A chance to change,
Our different ways.

I’ll begin my diet,
Get a new look,
Start to exercise,
Read a new book.

When Monday comes,
I’ll start afresh,
A new beginning,
Will be the best.

The weekend comes,
Full of good intent,
Time to end,
This self contempt.

I’ll rock next week,
I’ll make it count,
I’ll stay on top,
They’ll be no doubt

So when next weekend,
Comes around,
A new life for me,
I should have found.


Break the curse

Seven done,
One left owing,
Chores today,
Worth pursuing.
Curtains open,
The sun let through,
Look at all,
I have to do.
Hands on hips,
I am determined,
To break the curse,
Of which I’m certain.
This one first,
I have to say,
I wish the curse,
Would go away.
I am not thick,
I’m not that lazy,
I can see my faults,
Though my mind is hazy.
Seven done,
One left owing,
I can beat the blues,
So lets get going.

The space inside

There’s a space inside,
I call my own,
Where no one else,
Can reach me.

It’s my sanctuary,
My resting place,
The place inside,
I like to be.

I don’t want,
To be disturbed,
To be with anyone,
In my peace.

I just want to be,
Left alone,
Where the World,
At large will cease.

In meditation,
I’ll take,
Deep breathes,
And close my eyes.

The space inside,
Where I can lose myself,
Where no one else,
Can hear my cries.

Soul purpose

I’ve been to my soul and back again,
I’ve seen what’s deep within,
I’ve seen the love I feel each day,
And where my sins begin.

I’ve been deep inside my head,
Through the corridors of foreboding,
I’ve listened to the angry voice,
And the arguments its loading.

I’ve been in the aftermath,
Of my worries and my cares,
I’ve been there and back again,
To the depths of my despair.

I’ve crawled my way out of my mind,
Of the misery and the unknown grief,
I’ve made minced meat of the ghosts,
And stuck to my beliefs.

I can survive the trauma,
The pain my mind creates,
I’ve been to my soul and back again,
I’ve known love and I’ve known hate.

Death the final destination

The gap between the here and now,
And the happily ever after,
Is full of trials, and tribulations,
And also some disaster.

There is a road we march upon,
It takes us through the wilderness,
Until we find our Worldly place,
Of worth and happiness.

We will travail, the lonesome road,
Our perfect destination,
Is there for us, if we prevail,
And meet our expectations.

Until the time, it is upon us,
We strive to do our best,
Through lifes storm we battle on,
For there is no time to rest.

A goal fullfilled is not the end,
It’s not the time to settle,
We have a world of roads to travel,
Until we meet our final Devil.

Conquering fear

Hold fast behind the wall,
Don’t give in to the fear,
Don’t lay down the arms of war,
Wipe clear that lonesome tear.

Keep up the might of battle,
Be steadfast in your plight,
Never let the fear creep in,
Remember for what you fight.

To be yourself, heard in the crowd,
Speak for what you truly believe,
Fight for the right to hear the truth,
And by no one be deceived.

The battle rages on for some,
Forever they are defiant,
To hold the wall and mount a guard,
Until they conquer fear with triumph.

No words

No words,
Not now,
A moment to reflect,
A moment to take time,
For time is mine,
It belongs to me,
Time is what I make of it,
Time is mine to bend and weave,
No words,
Just silence,
Thought provoking emptiness,
Is what I really need.