The inner child

Can you spare a moment,
For the child that I once knew,
She was frightened and alone,
Not allowed a point of view.

She lived a life of battle,
Lived inside her shell,
She never knew the difference,
She lived a life of hell.

No utterance was welcome,
No sight of her should have been,
She was never praised for effort,
Not an achievement ever seen.

Put down,
Hidden away,
Inside her room each day,
Can you spare a moment for the child?
That was shut away.

She’s returning to me now,
No fear can hold her back,
She has more confidence
And courage she does not lack.

She is reliving her true youth,
I’m trying to understand,
For I am here right by her side,
I’m here to hold her hand.

Come out to play my little one,
They cannot hurt you anymore,
It’s time you stop your hiding,
Look outside your door.

The big wide World is welcoming,
It’s full of fun and laughter,
Here I am to wish you my dear,
A happy ever after.


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