Positive action

It’s positive action,
That my body needs,
Not the negative thinking,
My awkward mind breeds.

Get up, get on,
Get into the groove,
It’s time to go forward,
Get in the groove.

One foot forward,
Not one step back,
I know the drill,
Motivation I lack.

The memes, the pictures,
The quotes on the page,
They all tell me,
Be damned with the age.

If she can do it,
You can do,
One step forward,
They haven’t a clue.

The aches, the wobbles,
The cranky bits,
The knobbly knees,
And the heavy tits.

It’s positive action,
I know I lack,
The tennis elbow,
And the knackered back.

But still I endeavour,
To go on with the day,
I’ll get myself moving,
In my own special way.


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