So dull

So dull,
So utterly dismal and bare,
So dull,
So uniform out there,

No decorations,
To light the way,
The last come down,
On this twelve day.

So dull,
No Sun and it’s so misty,
So dull,
It’s like Christmas is lost in history.

Nothing to replace,
The Christmas trees,
The lights are gone,
That swung in the breeze,

So dull,
The houses are all grey now,
So dull,
Nothing hangs up on the trees now.

Epiphany upon us,
Do you even know what it means,
The enlighten of mind and soul,
Isn’t always what it seems.

So dull,
I want to see the light,
So dull,
Will it come before the night.

Each year this day,
I await the miracle,
To come into my mind,
To hear the angels call.

So dull,
My life is like the decorations,
So dull,
Packed away for another national vacation.