Working for a living

Bring on the coffee,
The toast and marmalade,
I’ve got to get a foot hold,
Join the cavalcade.

Drudging through the milling crowd,
Through the office door,
No one looking forward,
Just staring at the floor.

Leave behind my cosy bed,
Putting on a fake demeanour,
Be happy that I have this job,
It’s better than being a cleaner.

I want to be an acrobat,
Or even an astronaut,
I would be a famous jewel thieve,
But with my luck I’d get caught.

So I smile at Bert,
I think that is his name,
Not sure if he is the one,
Security guards all look the same.

The day progressed at a pace,
Not sure if time stood still,
As I left the office,
I found my own self will.

Suddenly alive,
I walked to the local Gym,
Checking out the timetable,
What? You think that I went in!

The evening is my own,
Now what is there to do,
I could make a cup of tea,
Watch the Great British Menu.

Bedtime comes around,
I’ve sat here on my tod,
Haven’t done that much,
Doesn’t seem that odd.

The weekend comes,
But once a week,
It’s the company of others,
That I seek.

So enjoy it thoroughly,
I make the most of it,
Revelling in friends,
I miss them I admit.

I do not think of the Monday,
Doesn’t hold much sway,
I’ll be a famous someone,
Give up this job one day.