Of Mice and Wise Men

When the Mice come out to play,
The best of men are always away,
The World does get turned upside down,
And everything goes astray.

Their shenanigans are a legend,
They are the most miscreant of foibles,
The best men know not what goes on,
And the Mice get into all sorts of troubles.

The upturned vase,
The odd spilt drink,
Would drive the saintly of us,
Right to the brink.

There are dancers, prancers,
Pranksters to,
The Best of Men,
Would know what to do.

But when the best men go away,
The Mice they do, come out to play.
So take a note, parent this week,
The Mice you know, of which I speak.

The little ones,
That think they’ve grown,
Think twice before,
You leave them alone.