The notes go in your wallet,
The pennies in the pot,
Whatever you think you’ve got,
You’ve never got a lot.

The money goes in one hand,
Then out it goes again,
Whatever you think you have,
It never seems the same.

You buy just what you need,
Then something as a treat,
Then have to make ends meet,
Til the middle of next week.

You watch the balance drizzle,
Out of your bank account,
Then you wait til payday,
For the total to amount.

You need an extra influx,
A lottery win’ll be just right,
Until the time is yours,
Thing’ll be a little tight.

I know it isn’t everything,
I know best things in life is free,
But wouldn’t it be nice,
To go on a shopping spree.

I’ve checked me bank account,
And counted up me pennies,
Now we’re gonna have to tighten,
Our belts around our bellies.