Why I write

To write what’s on your mind,
And lays deep within your heart,
Is the best thing you can do,
Before the day does start.

To put in words the feelings,
The dreams that stole your night
And write about the day ahead,
The things you must put right.

Maybe just a jot,
A note to get you through,
Or if you are like me,
Nothing less than 3 pages will do.

The things that I appreciate,
The things I’m grateful for,
The things that I have never,
Really thought about before.

Writing gives me strength,
It is my shield when times are tough,
It’s a way of letting go,
When I think I’ve had enough.

There are memories that have left me,
But I know they’re still around,
The very best of everything still there,
Because I wrote it down.

So, put your pen to paper,
Open up your I-pad notes,
Put everything you think of, in,
Even the funny little quotes.

For when memory, has left you,
And the sun sets upon your years,
You can look back on your memories,
The happiness and tears.