Aun Tae Thai

I’m writing a story for my daughter and thought that I’d try it out on you lot.
I’m really enjoying writing fantasy, it’s so much fun.

The first to arrive, as Aun Tae stirred the thirteen-day old Pottage in the Pot, was the funny little fella with the peculiar smile. She quite liked him, Grimsgold, that was his name Grimsgold, if it wasn’t, Aun Tae had been getting it wrong for the past six weeks and the name had set now, so that was that. In fact, she wasn’t sure if any of the names she knew people by were their real ones. She had heard whispers in her head of the name Katy and a few Pete’s and Dave’s but none of them were used in the heat of battle, just in the quiet moments when they thought no one was looking or listening.
Grimsgold was a scout and called such, due to his grim outlook on life, which suited Aun Tae, he had one massive gold plate in the front of his mouth where he had lost his front teeth and whenever he smiled everyone would cover their eyes due to the shine and shout, “Grimsgold shut ya mouth”. Hence him being miserable because he wasn’t allowed to smile and being Grim and so forth and forth with.
Grimsgold walked into camp and slumped on a rather odd looking mattress come bean bag. He had been scouting out the enemy and wasn’t too happy with what he had seen.
“They is Posfesinals,” he declared with a big sigh.
“Professionals,” Aun Tae corrected. She was good at that, correcting people, not that she always got it right.
“Whatever, they has got ooniforms, black’uns, and looks like proper shoulders.”
Aun Tae thought twice as she stammered, “have…” and gave up.
“The clothes do not maketh the man.” She continued.
“Dis lot got red stripes on’em, they mean real busy ness.”