Watching the pennies

Making ends meet,
No room in the middle,
For frivolous bits and pieces.

Making ends meet,
By the end of the week,
Buying presents for nieces.

Saving the pennies,
To look after the pounds,
Never indulging in anything nice.

Going back to the shop,
For a second time,
To always check the price twice.

Budgeting, Checking,
Keeping a close eye,
On all the outgoings and spending.

Keeping a lid,
On the treats and the sweets,
The task is never ending.

Just once to indulge,
In a day of retreat,
A day of overindulgence.

To buy what I wish,
A present or gift,
To live in overabundance.

But watch the pennies,
To preserve the pounds,
I do whilst I have to take care.

For one day I’ll be,
You just wait and see,
And respectable millionaire.