To meet myself walking backwards

In a hurry, in a rush,
I’m late, I’m just not ready.
I’m in a hurry, I’m in a rush,
Must learn to take it steady.

The last time that this happened,
I ran around like a chicken with no head,
The last time that this happened,
I tripped over my own bed.

I should have seen it there,
It’s a King size double divan,
But still I took a tumble,
Because that’s the sort of person I am.

I’ve fallen up stairs,
Broken toes,
How many cuts,
Well no one knows.

Bumped me bum,
Lost me keys,
How many time,
Have I scraped me knees.

I’m a body walking backward,
One day I’ll meet myself,
I’m forever catching my forehead,
Upon that wayward shelf.

So today I’ll take it easy,
Today I’ll take it steady,
People will just have to wait,
Until I’m good and ready.