You try to do your best,
You push on through the day,
You motivate yourself,
In every single way.

The cloud that follows you,
Is dark and quite repressing,
You know that it will pass,
But for now it is depressing.

The past it haunts your waking,
The future clouds your dreams,
The present doesn’t cut it,
And others seem quite mean.

The duldrums block your way,
The skeletons keep appearing,
You never get a break,
It’s the voices that you’re hearing.

You think about the positive,
You try to carry on,
But the get up and the go,
Has got up, and it’s gone.

Feeling down, and lonely,
Displaying a brave face,
You need to be a paragon,
To join this human race.

But today I will be miserable,
I’m allowed to feel that way,
Just to get it over with,
To dismiss this awful day.

Curl up in my nightie,
The one for days like this,
Watch lots of cartoon films,
This day I will dismiss.

For I know that they will happen,
The grief within me, need to be let go,
I will cry myself to sleep tonight,
And tomorrow?
Well I’ll let you know.

Today I remember a good friend, and the way I felt when I heard of his loss. Grieving is a process of humanity and has to happen to allow you to move on. It returns periodically and sometimes you just need to let it happen. Fighting the inevitable is to cause more pain than is necessary.
This poem was written in memory of Mark McEvoy.