Have you missed me

Have you missed me,
Has my absence left a gap,
Have you missed me,
Are you glad that I am back?

Have you missed me,
I’ve been travelling instead,
Even if it has been,
Just inside my head.

I’ve been on an amazing journey,
From adventure to explore,
I had lots of things to think about,
Now let me tell you more.

I’ve been writing, knitting, riding,
Cooking cakes and visiting some friends,
I’ve such an exciting life,
I hope it never ends.

Have you missed me,
As I’ve travelled through my story,
Have you you missed me,
I’m living life in all it’s glory.

No time to fillybuster,
No time to stop and stay,
Just time enough to muster,
The gusto to keep on this way.

Have you missed me,
I’ll catch up with you some day,
Once I’ve finished thinking,
If I’ve something interesting to say.