Columbus sailed over night

Ill at ease she sailed,
The Straits of the new land,
Her Captain at the tiller,
Her Bosun close at hand.

Slowly she did float,
As far in land as she dare,
They lowered down the long boats,
And rowed off with due care.

The Sun rose in the East,
The day began to warm,
They’d have to collect their bounty,
There’d been a forecast of a storm.

Lots of fruit they gathered,
Some fresh water from the falls,
Before the Bosun piped,
His melancholy calls.

When gathered at the beach,
It was noticed one was missing,
The Bosun piped again,
In case he had not been listening.

Suddenly a frantic,
Seaman ran at pace,
He had a frightful look,
Upon his frightened face.

Run for your life, he stammered,
They’re all heading for the beach,
There’s lots of them, he screamed,
Beware, he did beseech.

They struck there oars,
And rowed for their life,
They didn’t need,
This awful strife.

The tourists they did gather,
To see such a wondrous sight,
A heavenly sent vessel,
That had sailed there over night.

Columbus was his name,
This extraordinary Captain,
He didn’t give up that easy,
And went back to the beach again.

And so a New World was founded,
Upon the old ones glory,
I wonder if those tourists knew,
If they were about to begin a brand new story.