Willy Wonker told me,
His chocolate was the best,
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,
Was a car unlike the rest.

With Dr Suess proclaiming,
The cat lived in his hat,
The Borrowers living in my house,
I didn’t fancy that.

There was a witch in my wardrobe,
A lion in there too,
Alice fell in a rabbit hole,
She didn’t know what to do.

I clicked my heels like Dorothy,
When ever I was away,
Never got me home,
Well not on the same day.

Brought up with the fantasies,
That books gave me when read,
I always wondered if,
There was a monster under my bed.

I’m in my early, later years,
I still read the stories told,
Now they house the dragons,
And knights of years of old.

But just for fun I keep,
A Dr Suess upon the shelf,
I read it in the times,
When I want to lose myself,

In childhood memories,
Funny quirky ways,
Just to bring a smile,
On what might be a rainy day.