Internet oblivion

Snapshots of a thought,
A thorough investigation,
Trawling through the internet,
For all sorts of inspiration.

Facebook for my friends opinions,
WordPress for art and creativity,
The local friendly rag,
For a glimpse of serendipity.

Grabbing at an inkling,
A mere chance to catch a glimpse,
Skimming through the websites,
To see what’s happened since.

I last looked through the undergrowth,
Of the lives of every one.
Is Julie having trouble,
Or is Helen having fun.

Which superstar has fallen,
Which new politician rises.
Is there anything new,
Am I in for some surprises.

Trawling through the internet,
I digress as others pontificate,
Taking in the avant-garde,
The vintaged and the late.

Procrastination overload,
Distraction personified,
Bloody internet,
To it I must be tied

Turn off all the gadgets,
The connection to oblivion,
But not before you’ve followed me,
Like and then move on.