Normal people need not apply

Manic, sad or otherwise,
Cranky knees or back,
Super hypersensitive,
MS, I can handle that.

Adult ADH,
Hayfever counts an’ all,
Anything you’ve got,
I’ll be there when you call.

It doesn’t matter what,
The doc has labelled you,
All I wanna know,
Is just what you can do.

The legs are knackered,
Your backs gone out,
But if you can sing,
I’ll give you a shout.

Normal people wonder,
Why we need support,
Well let me tell you summat,
I’m here to tell you that you aught,

To listen to those that suffer,
They’re stronger than you think,
They keep on going daily,
Whether they sink or swim.

To be my friend I ask,
That you put your differences aside,
Don’t worry about your label,
Normal people need not apply.