It’s an ingredient of life,
The failures that we make,
The times we fall down flat,
With the chances that we take.

It’s part of life’s rich tapestry,
The wise among us state,
It’s a chance to experience reality,
To which I can relate.

To fail in life is normal,
It’s natural to lose sometimes,
It’s like a rotten poem,
That doesn’t always sound right because the words and the rhythm are not correct!

It’s failure that keeps us going,
Or stops us in our track,
It’s the choice between standing still,
Or claiming our life back.

I didn’t win the Oscar,
Nor win the Turner prize,
I’ll never get a Nobel nomination,
Nor be the apple in your eyes.

I am a weird and wonderful failure,
Can’t you see,
It’s normal and I love it,
With out failure I wouldn’t be me.