In need of a holiday

Don’t leave the dishes till morning comes,
Take the washing off the line,
Feed the fish and walk the dogs,
Before it is bed time.

When you wake up, clear the house,
Let the cat back in,
Before you go to work today,
Don’t forget to empty the bin.

At lunch time call your mum,
Rush down to the local shop,
Don’t forget to eat something,
Before you faint and drop.

Oh to have a rest,
A week long holiday,
A place where they serve you everything,
And you don’t have to pay.

Got to go and get some shoes,
My heel gave up the ghost,
After work I’ll need something,
I’ll snatch a tea and toast.

I pass the travel agents,
And look in wondered awe,
I’d really like to go somewhere,
But the price would make my wallet sore.

Tomorrow I will leave the dishes,
I’m gonna be a slob,
Might not even go to work,
Might even lose my job.

Oh dear what am talking about,
Can’t let things get that bad,
I’ll have to get a move on,
Did I remember to ring my dad?