I wish I’d put me glasses on.

I wish I’d put me glasses on,
That way it might never,
Have gone so wrong.
First thing in the morning,
The day was barely young.

The coffee machine,
Did gurgle,
As the espresso,
Left the spout.

Then all hell,
Let loose,
As the coffee pod,
Expressed a way out.

If only I’d worn me glasses,
I’d have checked before I started,
I’d never have pushed the button,
If I knew the pod was lopsided.

I leave them in the bathroom,
The office and on the desk.
I’ve got three different pairs,
And a special pair for best.

The irony of the story,
Is that I’m as blind as a bat,
If I haven’t got me glasses,
I can’t tell the dog from the cat.

I wish I’d put me glasses on,
Now I’ve a kitchen to clean up,
I need a pair of glasses,
That go on, as soon as I get up.

They need to be magnetic,
Fly to me face first thing,
That way I will be able,
To see the pod when it goes in.