Doubt is the enemy,
It lurks inside my head,
It creeps upon me in the night,
Whilst I am in my bed.

I wake up with the feeling,
That I cannot, you see,
Do the things I want to do,
It really isn’t me.

I cannot, do not, want to do,
The things I really can,
It makes me feel as if I am,
Really in a jam.

I’m going to the theatre,
“Oh no you’re not”, says doubt,
I’m going to make you suffer,
So you won’t want to go out.

But I will win the battle,
I’ve practiced to be strong,
And now I know that doubt,
Is more often than not, wrong.

He raises his objections,
I give him back the truth,
You are just an old antagonist,
And here I have the proof.

I enjoyed the play, I saw last year,
The parties that I attended,
For the feelings of negativity,
Are about to be upended.

You can’t stop me from doing,
The things that I like best,
Cause you are wrong, and I am right,
So just go and give yourself a rest.