Tiddle time

Making up my mind,
Is very hard to do,
If I lay here quietly,
I won’t have to go to the loo.

Tied up in my duvet,
Snuggled up inside,
Undercover I will stay,
Trying to kip and hide.

Me bladder starts to call,
I’m letting you know I’m here,
I have to go and tiddle,
It’s morning that I hear.

The hubble in the bathroom,
The traffic in the street,
The alarm clock starts to tingle,
And I begin to creak.

Awake I am, I think,
As I stumble across the hall.
I wish my bloody brain,
Hadn’t answered my bladders call.

For the door is locked,
My hubble bethroned,
The bathroom is occupied,
And I’m starting to groan.

We have an outdoor lav,
It will have to do today,
I’ll have to put some clothes on,
Before I go that way.

Jeans and T-shirt only,
Forget the bra and pants,
I’m starting to do the dance,
Of the prickly ants.

I just get to the back door,
To hear the toilet flush,
I finally get the warm seat,
Which really is quiet lush.

The moral of the story,
Is really plain to see,
Always check the bathrooms free,
Before you get up for a wee.