A bump, a shove, a shudder

Baked beans in the fridge,
An unopened can,
Margarine in oven,
Not knowing where I am.

Living in a daze,
Shocked beyond belief,
Not really concentrating,
On where I put the beef.

I really couldn’t tell you.
If I was in or out,
Time I woke up properly,
What’s this about?

The car undamaged,
My nerves all shot to pot,
The woman she apologised,
For trying to take my spot.

She rammed me up the backside,
My shopping loaded in the car,
It was a gentle tap,
But still it’s left a scar.

The bump, the shove, the shudder,
Left me feeling icky,
My drive home wasn’t easy,
In fact it was rather tricky.

A coffee and a piece of cake,
Another check for damage,
Not a scratch on my poor car,
But my nerves I have to manage.