I’d like to write something profound,
Be clever, have knowledge unbound.

But I know little of life it seems,
I don’t know what, everything means.

I even had to look up the word,
Profound, a word I’ve often heard.

So here’s a ditty to those in the know,
Remember, that wherever you go,

Not everyone is as clever as you,
Be polite, some don’t have a clue,

What Pavlov, Asimov, or Vasari did,
Or anything of the Palace of Madrid.

I know the ingredients in tiramisu,
I wonder if you do to?

So knowledge is seems comes in all forms,
Not everyone knows, about polyformes.

Be careful, don’t belittle no one,
They may just be the intelligent one.

It comes, it seems in many disguises,
Knowledge and know how, has its surprises.