Happy friggin‘ birthday

This morning the emotional pilot light has been lit. Note to self, don’t check out FB when you want to be happy. Why? My friends skunk has died. No, really I’m not kidding. He had a pet skunk. It was awesome. This morning he closed his eyes for the last time. I cried.
Then the hubbie brought me cold coffee in bed. I cried. Not for the coffee but for the birthday poem he’s written for me. Last years was good, this year it’s better.
So here I am on me birthday, (don’t ask, not telling) with a burnt finger, a bandaged foot, a once broken bone likes to pop out and say hello every now and again.
Well, yesterday was lovely, I had my three oldest and dearest friends call to say happy birthday and my daughter, and they all said the same thing. You’ll be busy tomorrow so we thought we’d ring today. So today I’m Billy no mates. On me friggin‘ birthday.
But I’m happy. The dogs need defleaing, if I can catch the cat I will, the dragon could do with a bath and it’s raining again.
No really, I am happy.