Feeling virtuous or (stop bloody whinging)

Responsibility and Rights,
We hear it all the time,
Making the decisions,
Is it really such a crime.

Politics, Semantics,
Religion and the weather,
Making lots of money,
Or making the world better.

Now morally we know,
The brotherhood of man,
Is about helping everyone
And doing what we can.

But whinging is a right,
Of every man on earth,
No matter what about,
No matter what it’s worth.

The politics of money,
The crisis in the East,
As English men we moan,
It’s the beauty of the beast.

But before you get
Your knickers in a twist
About the latest topic,
Look around see what you’ve missed.

The story on the rescuer,
The philanthropist does good.
Take a look at what you’ve got
In your neighborhood.

Hubbies on a whinge, hope he gets the message.