Manflu or Life?

My world has fallen to pieces.
What really, the ground crumples beneath your feet?
I’ve nothing left to live for.
You mean you’ve finally admitted defeat?

Oh woe is me, there’s nothing left.
The aliens have stolen your last possession?
Nobody loves me anymore.
I’m not surprised with all this obsession.

The phrases that we use
To described the dreaded scurge,
Are really silly when you think,
That no-one hears a bloody word.

It’s man flu that you have,
A nasty little bug,
That came along and grabbed you,
And just wants to give you a hug.

I know your life is over,
Never to be the same again,
But do you have to keep on moaning,
You really are a pain.

Now sympathy I have a lot,
For all that does befall you.
Just let me know when you are well,
Then I think that I will call you.

For as generous as you are my friend,
With all the love you give.
I don’t want what you’ve got.
I think I want to live!