The right side is the left side

Back on the left side,
Back on the right side,
The left side is the right side,
Of the bed for me.

The hubbies gone away,
He’s gone for a night and a day,
I’ve taken my rightful place,
On the left side of the bed.

I thought I would be comfortable,
Back on the right side for me,
But it seems it wasn’t right,
It wasn’t meant to be.

I tossed and turned,
I woke each hour.
My disturbed sleep,
Has made me sour.

I dreamt he was there
By my side,
The snoring louder,
Than a turning tide.

Then I heard
The roar of the gods,
Snoring came from
My small dog.

For whilst I took the left side,
Of the bed,
It seems she preferred
The right side instead.

So next time hubbie
Goes away,
The bedroom door,
Will be closed for sure.