A stolen idea

I’ve stole this one from notesfromanarcissist.wordpress.com, he’s a very funny warped man. He entitled his post “You shouldn’t need three”. If I was cleverer enough I’d share a link, but I’m not. But please look him up.

Three wishes.

1. That I had more control over the post man.
Seriously, I think we need the power to veto letters. Think about it, the tax bill comes through the box, if it don’t get here, you have a legitimate excuse for not paying it. Same for all the bills, although most of mine come through via e-mail.
2. Go back in time and scupper Bill Gates or whoever really discovered The Interweb. No more advertising, FB, no more smart Alec kids who can recite Inca’s history backwards whilst building an atom bomb.
3. Third wish. A gun, not a kill’em type gun, one that shot darts with a common sense serum. Don’t you just know loads of people you would shoot.

OK I missed out world peace.
Don’t need it. Common sense would solve that. It would go a long way to clearing up a lot of problems in this world. And it being “common”sense, it would be recognised by everyone.

Lots of dosh.
Easy, don’t get bills, can’t pay them. But also, if I’d shuffled The Interweb discoveree off the scene, you don’t think I’d nick a few of his/her ideas for myself?

Don’t need it. I’ve got all the love one person can handle in this world. I haven’t got three wishes, which is OK, because I’m quite happy as I am. OK I’d be happier without the bills, but no more loved than I am already.