How to find the missing socks

When it comes to laziness,
I’ve got it in the bag,
I can fluff and titivate,
Better than any WAG.

My procrastinator monitor,
Is set for “not right now”,
My “it can wait till later”,
Has stuck on, some how.

I’m not a fire-starter,
A ball of inspiration,
I’m not the go get type,
There is no invitation,

To join me in a quest,
To conquer pastures new,
Give me an adventure,
I wouldn’t know what to do,

My routine life is perfect,
I don’t need no excitement,
Give me tea and cake,
No secret assignment.

I’ve not done the washing,
It’s almost been a week,
With hubbie’s socks, and my sports wear,
It’s really starting to wreak.

But guess what I have found,
Lurking in my bottom draw,
Now it is quite empty,
I found a sock or four.

They match the lonely socks,
That have lost their other half.
See being bloody lazy,
Has got a point at last.