An absolutely ridiculous poem.

Can anyone tell me,
Why right is right,
And left is left
Why worse is worse,
And best is best.
Why left is not the other way,
And best is not,
Unworst today.

Does anyone know,
What’s up or down,
Why we put things,
The other way round,
Why not between,
Why in not out,
I always wondered,
What that’s about.

This way that way,
Stay where you are,
Put it down not up,
How bizarre,
I’m confused,
Which what way now,
I’m in a muddle,
I don’t know how,

To go or wait
Dash or stop,
I was ‘ere,
And now I’m not.
I Smell the colour
Of what I hear,
It’s far away,
It is so near.

This is the world
Inside my head,
That I live in,
It’s not that bad,
It straightens out,
It’s not that awful
So I can be,
Proclaimed as normal.