Dream house

Walk up a steep concrete drive, mind the holes and cracks. The hole on the left, the one with the exotic pink flowers and green ferns growing around the edge, that one goes down to nowhere.
The front of my house is a plain grey brick wall with a single wooden white door. The door have a frosted glass panel in the top. The paint is peeling off. The building from the outside is single story, no longer than a double decker bus, closely tucked in between two tall magnificent houses.
It’s really an illusion. If you go around the back you’ll find a gate to a cottage garden and a quant cottage at the end of a cobbled path. But here we are at the front door, shall I show you my house?
The first room we enter is the kitchen, dark wood cupboards, it’s tiny but well planned and clean. To the left there is a door that leads to a very small living room. Comfortably furnished and well lived in. There is a door to your right that leads to a long room, separated into three sections by settees, one against the back wall, with one facing it, another backed to that, then another facing that. There are two TV’s, and two large stereos. The old fashion stacking type.
Leaving this room we start to climb a set of stairs. There is door on the left which leads to a corridor, down there you’ll find two bathrooms and four bedrooms. The corridor is stark and reminds me of a scene from a horror movie.
Moving up the ornate stair case, carved walnut rails and gold patterned wall paper, we come to the top and a magnificent albeit narrow room. There are book shelves, full of books, oak dressers and bureau’s. Tall high backed leather chairs and a huge fireplace. This room is more a corridor and we leave at the other end by turning left and going up a three step narrow staircase. You can hear children playing and if you look out of the window you will see a playground. The steps stop on a platform from which descends a wide metal ladder. I’m afraid now. I can’t climb ladders. And so the journey into my dream house ends..