Time to play

Running to the playground,
I wanna go on the swing,
I want to wizz round on the roundabout
And climb on that wiggly thing.

To colour in me Disney book,
The Beauty and the Beast,
To crayon in her yellow dress,
Then paint the hatters feast.

Washing up, the hoovering,
Really is a chore,
Can I ride my bike today,
Housework, what a bore!

I want to wear my blue dress
The one with pink flamingos,
Little peephole sandals,
That show me pretty toes.

Can I be a child,
Just for one more day,
Forget about me troubles,
Whatever may come my way.

Hang on I am an adult,
I can decide what I want to do,
Spend the day with the housework,
Or take a trip to the zoo.

The Hoover will always be here.
The duster, mop and brush,
I’d rather be in Liverpool,
Upon an open bus.

So I’m gonna be a child,
Just for one more day.
Put aside the adult worries,
And just find time to play.