I’ve decided to be uber productive. Not that I’m a lazy person, but every now and then I enjoy a day off. That would usually be Thursday. Today in fact. However, come lunch time I start to get nigly, then I feel guilty for sitting on me ‘arris.
The order of the day; swimming, dog walking, curtain hanging, cake baking, dinner making.
There’s that bloody domesticcitty again. My day off should be more adventurous. It should be a day of discovery, of reflection, a day of adventure. I know I’ll pop down to the supermarket for coffee and cake. Oh woe is me, how I long for the days of…
Wait a minute, this is ridiculous. Life is what you make it. I’m a middle-aged independent woman, not a 60’s throw back. I can go anywhere and do anything I like. As long as I make the hubbies boss’s birthday cake, do the dinner and get the curtains put up firest.
Not domesticated. Just, erhm, just…well a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do. But next week, next week, I’m going on an adventure, I promise!
Any suggestions?