Happiness is a state of mind,
It’s about the way you think.
It’s about believing life is good,
Not living on the brink,

Of desperation nor despair,
Nor thinking things are bad.
Of acceptance, attitude and gratitude,
Even when you’re sad.

To say I am an optimist
A person who has hope
To say I am a happy chap
Is how I often cope.

You see I really am a sham
Beneath this calm facade.
Sometime just to raise a smile
Can be just as hard,

As getting out of bed
And finding things to do.
Of feeling life is worth it
Or doing something new.

But I’m resigning to being
As happy as I can
To smiling at the world
And declaring here I am.

So depression, you can bugger oft,
Be gone you foul delinquent.
I’m going to be happy,
Joyous, positive and content.