A prayer for a young mother

Yesterday a friend of mine had “liked” a post on Facebook. It seems a woman I have met, I remember her well, had a baby. She was bright and bubbly and in the short time it took to introduce us, smile at each others adhoc comments and say good bye, I had warmed to the young dark haired woman.
I was pleased for her and “liked” her status. I didn’t know her well enough to comment.
The baby boy, wrapped in blue standard issue hospital blanket was beautiful. 6lb he weighed, although no name was given. It brightened my day.
This morning, there on my news feed was a one line status, commented on by my friend.
“My beautiful boy waits for me at rainbow bridge.”
It has upset me but there is no way I can tell this young lady how sad I feel for her loss. I can’t “like” the comment, I can’t send condolences to a stranger but I can pray for her and her child.
Prayer is a personal thing. There is an old joke about a man who visits a mosque, a church and a synagogue every morning. When asked why, he replies “I want to make sure I get in when I die so I pray to them all, you never know which one is real.”
I pray to no God, I pray for nature to be kind, for the earth to heal herself and for the world to be forgiving. But does it matter? My prayer is for the good, to help the grieving mother weather her pain, for the lost child that rests and for those friends and family, that they may be supported and support each other in this sad time.
There are those, even amongst my friends who believe I am a heathen. Those who would turn their backs for being a nonbeliever, but I am no less effected by nor sympathise less than any other and my well wishes should be seen as that. If God is there then my prayer no matter who address to should reach him.
And so I pray, not just for this one young lady but for grieving parents the world over, no parent feels more pain than when they lose a child. May they all find peace and comfort.


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