Travelling back in time

Watching Miss Marple Mysteries
I was suddenly aware,
Of all the different clothing
And different tableware.

We no longer get the doilies out,
The best bone China cup,
Today you get a mug of tea,
Or a can of seven up.

The ladies with their pearls,
Their elegant little shoes.
The gentlemen with suits and ties,
Raised their hat and said “how do”.

Today the boys go scruffy,
The hoodie uniform,
The girls wear too much make-up
And swear up quite a storm.

I don’t discount myself in this
The progress we have made,
With mobile phones and frozen meals,
The table never laid.

Just say we could go traveling,
Just go back in time.
To prim and proper hairdos,
To hanging washing on the line.

No more tumble driers,
No more microwaves,
No more mobile telephones,
Nor impromptu midnight raves.

Taking tea out in the garden
At four each afternoon.
The summer never ending,
And strolls under the moon.

It was a better life back then
With polio and the pox.
I think I’ll not go traveling,
I’ll just watch it on the box.


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